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Home » Categories » Other articles » Feeder, Bowls & Pet food storage barrels » Water Feeder » Automatic » 0022517500507
Cat it Water Foumtain for cats and small dogs 3L(C50050)


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Price HKD$530
Point:53 (Value HKD$5.30)


Information Below:
BOUNS! Food dish included inside!
 Cat it Water Foumtain for cats and small dogs 3L(C50050)  Cat it Water Foumtain for cats and small dogs 3L(C50050)  Cat it Water Foumtain for cats and small dogs 3L(C50050)
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Like humans, pets require water as a vital element for survival. Water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat's or dog's body. Encouraging your pets to drink more water helps promote their health and well-being.

The Catit® Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits.

Encouraging cats to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function and may descrease the incidence of crystal formation and urinary disease (FUS).


Convenient dome handle Re-circulating flow; Large surface area adds O2 to water
Low energy consumption; Protective plastic guard; Detachable AC Adaptor
Multi-Surface drinking areas
Greater water capacity, 3L
Purifying filter (Replaceable)
Multi-Surface drinking areas


Re-circulating Flow Large Surface Area Adds
Oxygen (O2) to Water
  • Cool running water — more inviting to pets
  • Eliminates stagnant water
  • Adds oxygen for fresher, tastier water
  • Beneficial to pet’s health
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Product Name : Cat it Water Foumtain for cats and small dogs 3L(C50050)
Model : 0022517500507
Brand : Hagen
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