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Home » Categories » Litter Products » Golden Potato Clumping Cat Litter » 4897050960028
Golden Potato Clumping Cat Litter 9.5L ( Lavender ) x5

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Price HKD$625
Point:62.5 (Value HKD$6.25)


Information Below:

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•100% Non-toxic and Safe •Strong Odor Control •Excellent Absorption and Clumping Action •Environmentally Friendly •100% Natural Food Ingredients •Suitable for Cats & Small Animals Traditional clumping cat litter is composed of swelling soil. According to veterinarian of our company, if a cat swallows down clumping soil when it clears its body before defecating, it is hazardous for the cat, for it will suffer from intestinal obstruction for eating too much soil or even be killed. ​ Some rough products even contain silicon dioxide dust, which is hazardous both for man and cat. As a result, the new formula of our company- Potato Starch Clumping Cat Litter, extracted from natural food ingredients. The potato used is exported from foreign country and processed by our overseas plant. The process flow is as follows: Firstly, extract potato starch and remove some protein; then, adopt micro decomposition technology and odor control technology as well as Royal 148 technology to manufacture the product. Only natural ingredients and formula are used. ​ After many users tried it, all of them are satisfied with our product.Our product is also suitable for other small animals, including hamster. Our potato starch cat litter can replace sawdust. After used for many months, this product never brought any health problem. Our veterinarian has confirmed that our product is safe.All the material and process was made in Japan. Packaged in Hong Kong. ​ Procduction Information: Excellent Odor Control: Royal Pet148 is adopted the excellent micro-decomposition technology of odor control in Potato Starch Clumping Cat Litter. ​ High Clumping Action: High gluing technology of clumping cat litter is well developed by Royal Pet148 through using secret formula and potato starch particle, which enhances the clumping action of cat litter. ​ Natural Ingredient and Environmentally Friendly:The composition of cat litter contains 100% natural food ingredients. All the clumps can be flushed into the toilet directly. ​ ​Clean and Dust-Free: Improve the hardness and manufacturing technology, which reduces the dust formation. Besides, the weight and hardness of cat litter granules ensure that your cats bring out very little. ​ Safe for Cat: Extracted from natural food ingredients, 100% non-toxic.

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Product Name : Golden Potato Clumping Cat Litter 9.5L ( Lavender ) x5
Model : 4897050960028
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